what we do


Our experience in all aspects of development, construction and management ensures the highest level of service and finest quality. Active coordination and collaboration with clients, architects, engineers and designers throughout the life of a project is our priority so that we may deliver the best possible results.


Development Planning Services

In order to capture the most advantageous approvals during the planning phase we:

  • Create a clear plan for the entitlement process
  • Custom select the consultant team most suited to project goals
  • Lead and/or coordinate the project team
  • Interface with local governing bodies
  • Monitor and explain all project processes

Pre-Construction Services

Oftentimes overlooked, the pre-construction phase is critical. To ensure that long term performance is exceedingly successful, we:

  • Set clear goals for the project
  • Communicate these goals within the project team
  • Provide information on building systems and techniques
  • Create and explain project scheduling
  • Outline key milestones and provide clear timeframes for when decisions must be made
  • Clearly define scope of work for the project
  • Determine all anticipated project costs including development fees and construction costs
  • Define and explain how decisions will impact cost, schedule, built quality, energy efficiency, sustainability and longevity
  • Strategize ways to ensure that the built construction reflects the design intention, maximizing aesthetic beauty, function, value, efficiency and sustainability

Construction Services

We take ownership in every project, and pride in exceeding our client’s expectations. Our technologically advanced systems and detailed procedures during construction provide:

  • excellent project management and supervision
  • high level administrative support
  • complete schedules that outline key milestones, timely reminders, samples, ordering and installation
  • consistent cost control measures
  • in-depth analysis of all project costs including comparison against original project budgets, cost impacts for changes to original scope of work and cost-to-complete analysis
  • monthly updates on all projects including cost reporting, critical scheduling, and progress photos
  • solutions to problems, including a variety of alternatives and their pros and cons
  • techniques that contribute to high performance as measured for energy efficiency, sustainability and function
  • delivery of design intent across every detail
  • uncompromised quality, value, and timeliness

Property Services

To ensure that transition and ownership of a home are as enjoyable as the building experience, we offer continuing services including:

  • coordination of receipt and storage for furnishings and personal belongings
  • commission of custom furniture
  • coordination and supervision of furniture delivery and installation
  • seasonal maintenance, including the licensed servicing of all mechanical equipment by the original installer
  • maintenance schedules for all equipment as specified by the manufacturer
  • regular monitoring of interior and exterior finishes
  • housecleaning
  • labor and management of future capital improvement projects
  • custom-designed maintenance and personal services programs
Redefining the building experience.